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The Data Diaries Blog: 3 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL

Data. Data. Data. All everyone seems to be talking about nowadays is data and its various applications in our lives. Whether you work in the technology, healthcare, real estate, or financial services industry, chances are you use data in some shape or form to guide your strategic business decisions.

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The Most Important Skill in Tech Isn’t Writing Code

If you want to be successful in today’s highly demanding tech industry, you need to face the fact that simply having sharp technical skills doesn’t cut it. Skillful storytelling rarely appears as an explicitly required skill in the science and technology field job descriptions, nor is it a focal point in the interview process for most organizations.

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5 Free Online Resources To Get You Ready For A Coding Interview

It’s always good to have a list of useful sites to get you ready for a coding interview! No matter if you are actively looking for a job or just want to brush up on your coding skills; No matter if you are experienced professional or just recently started learning coding.

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